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Pets can be more than just animal companions, they can be essential members of a beautiful family. Whether it’s a dog, cat, horse, hamster, cow or any animal in between, we know your pet means the world to you, and you don’t want to forget him, her, or them. Chances are your pet or pets are all you talk about and take up a huge place in your home and heart, so why not keep them displayed on your wall to keep them with you forever?


Pet Castle Portraits

Pet Castle Portraits is the Melbourne pet photography studio that truly understands what it means to be an animal lover and not just a pet owner, but for all intents and purposes, a pet parent. If you’re looking into pet photography, we know your furry (or fuzzy, or scaly, or slimy etc…) is a child to you, so we make sure to treat each session like the results will mean the world to you.


We believe our methods are truly exceptional. The expert, award-winning Melbourne pet photographer assigned to your session will consult you directly to discuss the ins and outs of the pet in question, covering temperament, personality, preferences, placement and more. But we don’t stop there, as just talking about the critter isn’t enough to really know him or her. When you come in for the session, the photographer starts out by taking time specifically to personally get to know your pet as an individual; every dachshund does not respond or wag or play the same way, and every Scottish Fold does not stretch or clean itself or chase a ball of yarn the same way, so why force them to look unnatural?


We love pets

Our photographers genuinely love animals and want to love yours just like you do, though of course no one ever could. They make every effort to make every scene seem like a true moment in time for the pet, not a staged photo shoot. Wherever you  feel they seem most at home, however you want to remember them, that is exactly how we promise to show them to you.


But our love for pets doesn’t stop at our portraits, it extends to what we do with our resources. We promise to devote 10% of all of our profits to local shelters, so you can feel assured that your purchase will be helping animals without homes find a family as loving as yours.


Plus, with added home delivery of the wall art from the shoot featuring your favorite family member, as well as installation, Pet Castle Portraits is also the most convenient pet photography studio in Melbourne.


Keep your best friend with you at all times with Pet Castle Portraits. You’ll smile every time you see his or her face on your wall. Five Castles Portraits Contact us