Arek is a Melbourne based photographer specializing in pet portraits. Born and raised in Europe, Arek always enjoyed photographing people and his surroundings, but it was not until he migrated to Australia that he pursued his passion professionally, launching the Five Castle Portraits brand in 2011.

AIPP accredited professional photographerMeticulous about technical detail (a skill fine-tuned in the laboratory during his previous career as a scientist), and print production values, Arek’s signature style is clean, contemporary and natural. His philosophy is all about capturing the ‘stuff of life’ –the unique and individual characteristics of his subjects and the things that matter most to them.

Whether it be the funny little things that pets do, or the mood and emotion of that special connection between an animal and his human, his insightful lens and creative intuition work together to create beautiful pictures that can be shared and displayed today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

At Pet Castle Portraits we’re dedicated to helping pets; we own two rescue dogs, foster-cared for several more, we also donate 10% of our profits to local shelters and rescue organisations.

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